Manage your Content on Dropbox Automatically

Dropbox is one of the cloud storage servers that offer you to synchronize your data from your system. After using Dropbox for so many days, I have come to the conclusion that this service is extremely good. But the only drawback that I found in this service is that it lacks a feature, to organize your files automatically.

This feature in my view is extremely required because it will make things much easier. But the company didn’t provide this feature. Since we can’t interfere in company’s process, we can find some solution to this problem, using third party web application.

This is a web application known as Sortbox. The app will create a folder inside your Dropbox. Then you will be asked to set rules regarding locations to move files. After assigning the rules, whenever you will add new content to the folder in Dropbox, the files will move to their specific location as per the set rules.

To use this application, go to Sortbox and login with your Dropbox account. Then you will be asked to set rules which will be based on File extension name, type, size and pattern. For instance you can select file extensions using dropdown menu. Then write the file type name, whether it is such as jpg, png, doc, mp3, etc in the next column. In the ‘move to’ column you need to choose the Dropbox folder.

The application will keep a check on the contents of the folders created by Sortbox after every 15 minutes. If the file matches your set rules, then the content will move accordingly. Hence if you want to organize your files automatically on your Dropbox, then this app is really useful. Get it downloaded from the link given below.

Download Sortbox

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