Manage your Movie Collection with DVD Chief

Movies are the best mode to pass time. I love watching movies and have a good collection of movies too. I have great collection of DVDs, VHS, CDs and lots more. Lots of movies are stored on these disks and on my laptop as well. Thus it is hardly possible to keep an overview of the formats, the titles and other details of these movies that are there in my possession.

If you too are having the same problem then you should give DVD Chief a chance as we all do not have that photogenic memory that can memorize all the details of each and every film that we have stored on our storage devices.

DVD Chief will keep an overview of all the details as well as the description of all the movies. This software fetches all the information related to several movies from various internet resources. When you will download the program, you will note that a sample list of movies has been preloaded that can be deleted easily.

The movies can be added by either searching the title, by loading the information from a DVD or Blu-ray, a movie file on the computer or the other way is that, just let the program scan your computer. The program also adds the title of the movies automatically but if the program is unable to identify the title of the movie, then it suggests the list of movies that you can choose from.

DVD Chief is a free movie management software for the Windows operating system that is compatible with all recent versions of the Windows operating system. After adding the content to this program, movies can be detected even by movie stills and images. It is easy to use and you will find it helpful.

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