Manage Youtube Playlists with Standalone Youtube Music Player

There are lot of music videos on the youtube and if you also like to watch the live streaming music and videos then this information is right for you. Although youtube videos can be played on any web browser but there is a Firefox extension that can allow you to manage the playlists as well.

The extension enables a stand-alone music player called Youtube Music Player especially for the youtube that opens up automatically whenever you play any video on the youtube. While the playlists will be maintained inside the browser, the external player will be used to view the video and also to control it.

The player will be launched as a separate window and can be used to changing the video resolution, viewing the video full screen apart from standard video controls. You can add any song to the playlist and if saved properly, you can also reuse them after closing the browser.


– Movies are preloaded in the background –> constant music experience
– Random mode, Repeat current song over and over
– Search with Preview (appears when moving mousepointer over a title in the search)
– Very quick adding because of Title/Interpret recognition
– Manage different playlists
– Drag and Drop any Youtube Link into your playlist
– Buttons for volume control, next song, previous song, pause and full screen
– Add a youtube link with right click -> Add to Youtube Player

Download Youtube Music Player extension

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