Manage Youtube Video Quality for all Videos

If you like watching videos online and especially on Youtube then you must have noticed that by default Youtube videos play in 360p video format which can be convenient to many users but not to everyone. Especially when you have a slow connection you would want to make this setting as 240p or lower.

Well changing this is quite uneasy if you are sure what you want the player to be, also Youtube don’t have any such option to modify the settings. You can login into your account and set the video loading option to be according to your internet speed but there is no option to set the video quality.

Here is a Firefox add-on for all those who don’t like changing this again and again and are, of course, on Firefox. The add-on is called as the “YouTube video quality manager” and this add-on allows you to set your video format preference for all the video you watch online.

For example, if you want to see the videos in 480p video format, then just set the add-on according to it, and your videos will load in this setting always, granted this setting exist for the video being watched. The option to change the setting appears in the status bar and you can select any setting with just a click.

Download YouTube video quality manager

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