Manually Disable Windows Defender in Windows 8

Those who are using Windows 8 must be well aware by this fact that there is no Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) in Windows 8. Instead of MSE, Microsoft has added new improved Windows Defender in Windows 8. Windows Defender provides the same protection from malwares and spywares as MSE.

Even if you want to install MSE in Windows 8, you will get to know that it will have compatibility issues. You can add third party applications to use as anti-virus in Windows 8 and Windows Defender will automatically get turn off. However if you want to disable it manually, follow these steps.

• Open Windows Defender by searching in metro search

•Hover mouse pointer at settings and select Administrator from the left side of the window. Now uncheck the “Turn on Windows Defender” and click on save changes.

• Now a pop up window will show that Windows Defender has been disabled and you will notice that Windows Defender icon has been vanished from the system tray. The system will give alerts that to protect your system, turn on Windows Defender.

• Now you can install any third party anti-virus application easily but not Microsoft Security Essentials.

However there is no need to disable Windows Defender on your system but if you want to install any third party antivirus application as this is good for the users from security point of view. Then this is only way to disable it. When you uninstall that third party antivirus application and restart your system, Windows Defender will enable itself automatically.

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