Microsoft’s new social networking site Socl

We can see a rise in the social networking site after the success and liking of Facebook. There have been many websites in the past too but not all have been able to cope up and interest the users.

Recently Microsoft had also asked The Verge to have an experience of its new social networking site called Socl which is planned to be launched soon. It has also provided a small review of the new site which we are also discussing below.

The Socl has a plain and three column UI design which consists of basic navigation options on the left panel. The middle section comprises of the news feed and the section that asks “what are you searching for”. You can update your status or even search for a content from there which will be automatically updated as your update too.

The search is powered by its very own Microsoft Bing search engine. Your friends would also be able to comment, like or tag your search. Tagging your update or comment will put it in your tag list from where you would be able to access it later.

Socl also includes a video party feature, complete with chat, for watching YouTube clips together. It is designed using the HTML5 so it won’t have to switch to this technology when Flash is discontinued. The right side of the website contains invites and video party features.

Microsoft is planning to launch it soon, however nothing can be said about the exact date as of now. So how much, are you waiting for it?

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