Microsoft Announced Surface Tablet based on Windows 8 OS

Recently a new surface tablet has been announced by Microsoft that will be running on Windows 8 OS. This new surface tablet will be available in two models. One will be a regular Intel-powered tablet running Windows 8 Pro, and the other is an ARM-based tablet running Windows RT. All the specifications have not been revealed by the company but we can take a look on those specs that are unveiled by the other sources.

The Windows RT will be available with a 10.6 inches clear type HD display screen with a storage capacity of either 32 GB or 64 GB. The surface will be 676 g light and 9.3 mm thin, and offers micro SD, USB 2.0, Micro HD Video ports and a 2×2 MIMI antennae with a 31-5 W-h battery.

Windows 8 Pro version will also have the same screen size with full HD display. It is slightly heavier than the Windows RT, the weight of this device is 903 g and has a width of 13.5 mm. the battery is larger than RT surface, it is packed with 42 W-h battery and also have USB 3.0 slots instead of micro SDXC port. The storage of this capacity ranges between 64 GB and 128 GB. Moreover it has a pen with palm block that the RT Surface version does not have.

Specifications related to hardware have not been yet unveiled but since it will have the brand name as Microsoft, we should not worry about it that much. As far as the pricing of these devices are concerned then it is likely to be competitively priced with “comparable ARM tablets or Intel Ultra book-class PCs”. The tablet will be offered at a price below $1000, closer to the price of iPad.

Hopefully with these surface tablets it is expected that it will make the iPad and Ultrabooks obsolete. If we keep aside the name of the manufacturer and the hardware qualities, the other highlighting feature of this tablet is its QWERTY keypad that is integrated in the cover of the tablet and the stand which is also provided, giving it a trendy look. A video has been added in this post which will help you to view its first look.

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