Microsoft’s new Metro app for Windows 8: SkyDrive

As you all are well aware of the Metro environment feature of Windows 8, Microsoft has provided a new cloud service known as SkyDrive. SkyDrive Windows 8 Metro app merges the SkyDrive and Windows Live, Microsoft’s Web-Based synchronization service.

SkyDrive is a free file hosting service that enables the users of Windows to store data on it instead of storing it in their local machines. It offers free space up to 25 GB. It allows you to make your own categories and mark them accordingly. It facilitates you to share your data with your contacts.

If you have marked your Data as Private, then no one will be able to view those uploaded files. If you share your file with your contacts, then only the friends present in the contact list can access your data. From security point of view, even the friends in the contact list have to login to their Windows Live Account before viewing the data.

This service is really very helpful for those users who doesn’t like file size restrictions of Gmail, Yahoo etc. while sending an e-mail. It allows users to upload even a 2 GB file. This service shows all the documents and photos of the user that has been uploaded by him and it also shows all the photos placed in his photo library.

Features of this service:

• You can create, edit and share Microsoft Office documents right from the Web Browser window.

• It is integrated with Hotmail by which users can directly upload files from the hotmail account and save on SkyDrive.

• It is also possible to subscribe RSS feeds of the content of public folders.

• All the folders can be downloaded as a single .zip file.

According to me this service is really very good. If you also want to use this service, login with Windows Live ID and you will see SkyDrive option in the left panel, click on it and enjoy SkyDrive service. You can leave a comment below to comment your opinion [via]

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