Microsoft releases On{X} Application for Android OS

Microsoft which is the world’s leader in Windows OS is stepping into Android market too. This is the first time that Microsoft is entering in the android world. Microsoft is a renowned name in the tech world. Until now Microsoft was developing applications only for computers and notebooks but now an application for android platform has been developed by Microsoft that is named as On{x} pronounced as on-ex.

The developer states that the application will change your lifestyle unexpectedly via remote programming. We all use our mobile phones to surf internet, to contact our friends, access internet calendars and much more. Now with this application you will be able to automate yourself. It will set reminders and will alert you about your tasks.

If you want to use this service, visit, you can log in to this website using your Facebook log-in details and after successful log-in click on the “Recipes” tab to select a template for you, and then download it.

After then you will be provided with a website and an android application. Install the application on your android phone. The website and the android app is inter related. The settings that are made on the websites are immediately configured on your smartphones. There are 11 default templates that can be easily customized according to the events happening around you. These templates are actually termed as “recipes”.

Let me give you example of the advantage of this application:

Let’s say your mother/wife wants you to bring milk wile coming back home. She may update such information on the website that was provided by the company. The updated information will be instantly updated on your mobile application (using internet) and while you will be coming back to home it will immediately alert you about your tasks. Isn’t it great?

The application is really very useful and has easy to use interface. A video is also attached here to inform you further about this great app showing you the way it works.

It supports Internet explorer 8 and up, Firefox and Chrome browsers. Also it supports Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) and 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) only. Visit the link given below and get started with this app.

Visit On{x}

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