Microsoft Releases Windows 8 Release Preview (Windows 8 RC)

Previously Microsoft had successfully launched Windows 8 Consumer Preview and Developer Preview. Now the company has recently released Windows 8 Release Preview (or Windows 8 RC). Several changes in UI have been made and the main focus in this OS is to make improvements in the performance.

You can upgrade your system from windows 7 or Consumer preview either using the links given below or directly from the Microsoft servers. If you upgrade your system from window 7, it will not affect your programs, Windows settings and user accounts but if it is upgraded from consumer preview then you might lose Windows settings and installed apps.

The new features that have been added in this operating system are listed below:

• More personalization options for the Start screen (including more colors) are added in this release preview.

• Aero has been removed in order to save battery and memory consumption.

• The booting process is faster

• Flash is now supported by Metro IE 10 and Do Not Track privacy feature is “ON” by default

• This OS also supports Multi-Monitor

• Features for Family Safety has also been added with which parents get weekly “activity reports” of their kids.

• However, Windows media player does not have support for  DVDs

• All hacks to restore Classic Start Menu in Release Preview have been blocked by the company.

That is all, we can provide you for this release as of now and it also depends on user also whether he likes it or not. So if you liked the features listed above you might be interested in getting this installed. You can download the ISO image of Windows 8 RP (32bit/64bit), all languages from the link below. The product key for all Windows 8 RP: TK8TP-9JN6P-7X7WW-RFFTV-B7QPF.

Download Windows 8 Release Preview ISOs

32-bit [2.5 GB]

64-bit [3.3 GB]

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