Microsoft Security Essentials not working in Windows 8

Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) offered by Microsoft provides you the same malware protection as that of Windows Defender. MSE works very well on Windows 7 but if you try to install this on Windows 8, it will probably show you that “this program has compatibility issues”. If MSE works on Windows 7 then why it does not work on Windows 8?  Let us check it out.

If you try to install MSE on Windows 8, it won’t get installed. An application known as compatibility release update 2685194 for Windows 8 CP was introduced by Microsoft previously. This update offers hard block on MSE since it is incompatible and this hard block prevents MSE from running in Windows 8.

However Windows defender is pre installed on Windows 8 consumer preview. Windows defender in Windows 8 is much improved as compared to the previous versions that provide you the same security against malware and spyware as MSE does. There is no need to install MSE and it will not work on Windows 8. Actually in Windows 8 Consumer Preview, Windows Defender and Microsoft Security Essentials have been combined into a single, pre-installed feature of Windows, named Windows Defender.

Even if you are upgrading your system to windows 8, then you have to uninstall Microsoft Security Essential first. Then only you will be able to upgrade your system to Windows 8. If you want to use any other antimalware software then Windows Defender will silently turn itself off so that the antimalware app you choose can help protect your PC. There are many third party application which works on Windows 8 consumer preview.

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