Microsoft Security Essentials to be Released Next Week

We just learnt about the Microsoft’s latest Anti Virus that was to be released under the name of Morro. The product was then renamed as Microsoft Security Essentials and the Beta version of this is going to release on June 23 that is next week.

Microsoft Security Essentials is completely free for Windows users and would just need your licensed copy of your OS.

That is if you have an original Windows copy (that includes Windows XP Service Pack 2 or above, Windows Vista, or Windows 7), you will be able to install this Anti Virus and run it for free. Needless to say, it will first validate your copy of Windows and if found Original, you can use the product.

Note: Microsoft Security Essentials will uninstall Windows Defender (if you have one) as it has more and improved features of it. It will run a process named msseces.exe which consumes very less memory than MsMpEng.exe run by the Windows Defender.

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