Microsoft to release 7-inch Xbox Gaming Tablet

It has been a world of tablets and phones recently. After the launch of iPad Mini, the tablet lovers are here to witness the launch of Microsoft’s gaming tablet called as Xbox Surface. It was believed that Microsoft is already working on to the development of this product; we should expect to see the product soon.

Xbox which is the gaming console from Microsoft is already doing well in the gaming console market however it was missing behind in the handheld gaming category. While other companies have their products already launched like Sony Playstation Vita or Nintendo GameBoy and tablets like iPad, Microsoft too wanted to enter this category of gaming.

The specifications that we should expect in the product had already leaked in the market and were already disclosed back in June this year. The Xbox Surface is expected to have a 7 inch screen size, custom ARM processor and high RAM. The detailed specifications are listed below in the image (via).

Microsoft Xbox Surface is currently under development at Microsoft’s offices in Silicon Valley under good secrecy. Microsoft had decided to keep the product under full secrecy until it is completely developed for the launch.

Don’t know how much the product is going to help Microsoft but at least it is sure to provide some options to the users. They can decide what device to go for, for the handheld gaming consoles. [via]

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