Minimize Inactive Windows Automatically with Swept Away

We open lots of windows and applications while working on the computer, isn’t it? But say after sometime you are away from your machine, the windows opened become inactive but it is a fact that opened windows consume higher CPU usage and power (in case of laptop).

Thus it would be better if there is some tool that can minimize the opened but inactive windows automatically after some time of idleness. There is tool called Swept Away that does exactly that without the user’s interaction.

Swept Away is a simple and easy to use tool that minimizes all your windows and applications that are not in use for certain period of time specified. By default, it minimizes windows after 300 sec (5 mins to be exact) but it also have the provision of excluding those windows/applications that you don’t want to minimize no matter how long they are inactive.

Swept Away is a free tool that requires no installation what so ever and can be run even in the portable drives.

Download Swept Away

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