Miro: Open Source TV, Music and Video Player

In today’s world most of the people including servicemen, children and businessmen, all of them stick to computer. Even if they don’t have any work to do they sit with their laptops/computers and start exploring new things. It happens a lot that if we are doing something we don’t like to leave that work in the middle due to which sometimes they have to miss their important shows, news and much more.

So we are going to suggest a solution for this problem with which you won’t miss your shows and can easily watch them along with work. Miro is an open source television application and a media player, written in python which is supported by Windows, Mac OS and UNIX. It supports more than 40 languages and supports widely used video and audio formats and offers HD quality.

Miro has over 600 channels and directly downloaded videos from RSS based channels for smooth functioning. It has been designed to connect with Video Bomb and Channel Channel. Video bomb is a social tagging video website and channel Channel is a T.V guide for Internet television. It also includes YouTube, Google and Yahoo.


• Download and play any video

• Convert any video

• Share media on internet

• Ultra fast torrent downloading

• Manages music effortlessly

• Syncs to Android devices

Miro’s GUI is neat and tidy, fast and very easy to use. When a new video is added on RSS channel, it notifies you about the video and downloads it if possible. It also allows you to get Music/videos from other websites. You can easily access it without facing any problem and it is a user friendly application which works smoothly.

Download Miro for windows

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