Missing Features in Gtalk

We all like chatting, don’t we and there are many clients available for use. We have whole lot of options to choose from like Yahoo Messenger, Gtalk, and Skype to name a few. Our choice of the messenger depends on our liking of the chat tool.

Every chat tool has its own advantage and disadvantage. While usually there are more advantages than their disadvantages, there are several areas in which our favorite Gtalk, also known as Gchat, is lagging behind the others.

Following are the bugs that Gtalk is missing:

1.    The first and the most important bug in Gtalk is its Display Name bug. Almost everyone of is facing this problem that our display name in the Gtalk displays to some old name of our, to our friends whom we are talking to. These are the names that we once put in our Orkut account.

2.    The other important bug is that we can only be invisible in Gtalk through the Gmail integrated Gtalk. There is no option of getting invisible by using Gtalk client.

3.    We can, even, not be invisible to an individual contact. Either we can be invisible or not but there is no option that enables us to be invisible to a single contact.

4.    Unlike Yahoo Messenger, where we can directly login as invisible there is no option in Gtalk using which we can get invisible even before signing in the Gtalk.

Surely Google should do something about these bugs else we will notice the rise of other Messengers soon.
If it is there any bug that you know, then do tell me.

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  1. Good articles. But i think there are lot more features which gtalk lacks and u failed to mention them. Hope gtalk take some action to provide full packed power chat..

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