Mobile Apps to Generate Temporary Random Mobile Numbers on the Go

Everyone has a mobile today and it is very important to keep our numbers and address private so that we can keep away from those bugging us. Whether it’s for a Craigslist ad, for a dating site or for a job search portal, you sometimes need a second number so that you can hide your original number and maintain your privacy.

Now it is not possible to get a new number everytime, there are certain services that can generate mobile numbers for you, we are discussing two of those today. The biggest advantage of using these services is that you can get them in your phone and generate a number anytime and anywhere.



RingMeMaybe is a simple and cool app with a cool name that lets you generate temporary mobile phone numbers on the go with just touch of a button. All you need is this free app in your phone (which can be registered to you with your email address) and just a tap on the button to generate the number.

The number is valid for as long as 7 days before it gets expired, you can however keep the same number for another 7 days by using your credits provided to you. If you happen to consume your credits you can buy them too.

The number can be used to maintain your privacy and can be shared directly via the app to any social media too. The app is really cool as you can generate temp numbers with ease.



Here is another cool yet free app called as Burner that does the same work. It also lets you generate temporary mobile phone numbers so that you can use them for your own purpose for a day, a week or a month. However after that period, you will need credits to keep the number active.

You can use the number for calls, texts, voicemail and other feature but when you are done with the number, you can easily Burn it with just a tap. As long as you have the credits, you can generate the numbers. Similar to the previous app, you can buy the credits to keep the numbers going.

In case you are wondering why the apps are not completely free while the Google Voice service is, it is because of the ease of use and generating the numbers on the fly. You can visit the app sites for more info.

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