Monitor and Record Incoming and Outgoing Emails

Whether you are an employer or parent, there are occasions when you would want to monitor the emails being sent outside from your network. It is a common sight at the offices that the employers want to monitor and record what emails are being sent by their employees to their personal email IDs, as they can upload and send any document breaching the security.

Similar is the case with the parents, as they would like to keep a watch on their kids at home. So whatever are your needs, it is sometimes important to keep a tab on the emails being sent outside your network.This can be done easily using this free tool called SurveilStar Activity Monitor which is free web activity monitoring software that does lot of work as follows:

• Monitor, record and restrict Internet activities in the network

• Detect sensitive web pages, files, emails transferred on Internet and instant messages sent and received through MSN

• Keep track of employee e-mail and internet activities

• Keep track of child and spouse e-mail and internet activities

• Back-up or archive data

This is a free email monitoring software that can easily track the emails being sent out from your network. In short, this tool captures, monitors and records Internet activities in the network. It records any web pages viewed, files downloaded, emails sent and received and instant messages sent and received through MSN by any computers in the network. It can also restrict internet access of specified computers based on the rules set by user to prevent leakage of sensitive data or abuse of Internet access.

Moreover this is a free tool that is small in size and works great on Windows XP and Windows 7. So if you have a doubt on one of your employees, you know what to do now.

Download SurveilStar Activity Monitor

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