Monitor and Restart Crashed Applications Automatically

There are many users who always want to keep their browsers or some windows opened on their system. For instance when I work on my system, I always have some programs opened like the web browser, Windows media player and file explorer.

If you are a user like me who always wants to keep certain programs/applications working even though when it stops working, you would like to use a tool that will auto detect if a program crashes or stops working. Here is a tool called ProcessAlive that will help you keep your programs and applications running always.

ProcessAlive is a freeware portable tool that auto detects the programs that have stopped and restart the selected programs instantly. You have to download the tool and launch the program to be able to use it, locate the ‘+’ icon and click it. With this you can add any number of programs in the list. However current version only allows us to add executable files only.

Once you are done with addition of the programs to the list, click on “Keep these Programs alive” and the program will be minimized to the system tray and continuously monitored for any crashes or freeze. If it notices any one of selected processes stopped it will re-launch that program instantly.

Moreover if you think that you don’t want the applications to run continuously (As in case your laptop is running out of battery) you can click on the tool’s icon seated in the system tray and can choose the option stop monitoring of programs and exit the application. The only drawback is that it does not auto start with the Windows startup, you have to manually launch the app every time.

Download ProcessAlive

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