Monitor your Computer Habits, Keyboard and Mouse Usage along with Heat Maps

For someone who spends most of his time on the computer in a day, it might be a useful idea to monitor his computing habits by tracking various activities performed. It is, however, little difficult to monitor the activities by self but if you use a tool for this purpose, we can do that easily.

Here is a tool called as WhatPulse that can monitor your Keyboard usage, Mouse usage, network usage along with providing heat maps with the statistical data to let you analyze your usage.

Using WhatPulse you can not only find out what all applications you use mostly but can also find out how many times you pressed one key, the most pressed keys, the most clicked area on the screen, the applications that uses your most bandwidth and lot of other things.


To be able to track all these things for you, you just need to download the client and install it in your system. You need to proceed by registering in the tool, registering with facebook will also do. After that, you will have access to many other features listed under the tabs on top.


Tab Input will let you know the most used keys on the heat map with the cool color like blue displaying the less count and the hot colors like orange and red, displaying the most used keys. It will also show you the statistical data on top and at the bottom.


If you scroll right in this tab, you will also be able to see the data for the mouse usage. The heat map for the mouse is little different but the same color combination applies. There are other tabs like Network that will give you the usage of your network and the bandwidth used by your system.

I think it is a great tool to analyze your daily computing habits and see how much and what all things, you use on your computer. Let us know, how did you find the tool.

Download WhatPulse

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