Monitor and Control your PC remotely from your Smartphone while Gaming

This goes for all the hard core gamers out there who like to play games on their computers. The last thing any gamer want while playing games, is the disturbance which can be from someone outside or from the computer apps. How does it feel when there is some facebook message, or twitter update on your desktop when you are playing? It doesn’t feel nice when your system starts lagging due to maximum usage of the RAM and you have to quit the game to control the task manager. What if someone asks you to lower the volume of the audio being played in the background; you will again have to quit playing.

Here is a simple app that can completely monitor and control your computer remotely using your smartphone whether iPhone or Android without having you to quit playing and taking a break. Moreover the app is completely free to use.


The app is known as Roccat Power-Grid, and lets you monitor your system for statistics, control it and also access your apps on PC like youtube, outlook, social media and others. So whether it is the lagging system which can be controlled by your phone, or app message which, now, can be used on your phone or some hardware settings which can also be controlled on your phone, you don’t have to quit the action you are in already.


So how this works? Just install the app on your computer and on your phone to allow the pairing of the devices and easily monitor and control your machine remotely. Moreover the app is fully customizable as you can select the apps you want and use the most, so that you can instantly take action.


Do watch the video below for better understanding and a quick overview on how to use this app easily.

The tool is available for use for free for both computer and phone and can be downloaded from the link below.

Download Roccat Power-Grid

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