Monitor your Employee Activities with ActivTrak

A company always wants to enhance its overall productivity. It doesn’t feel good when you get to know that the performance of your company is deteriorating because your employees are not accomplishing the tasks that are assigned to them. If you have always wondered on how to keep a track on your employee activities then read on.

ActivTrak is an employee monitoring software. This software will help you to monitor your employees’ computer activities and check whether they have done the particular task or not. This software will briefly tell you that how your company’s resources are being used.

Unlike firewalls, this gives you a journal like activity, not just blocking websites, but actually showing what is happening on the desktop. This is especially useful when employees are using a VPN connection into your network. If suspicious activities are occurring, you may need to take a closer look, and thereby prevent potential loss or damage to your company.

Even you can keep a proof of your employee’s inconsistency by taking screenshots for activities which are other than the assigned one. To start using this application, you have to create an ActivTrak account. Then you have to download and install the client’s app on each computer that you want to monitor. After doing this, just log on to the ActivTrak’ web interface to view the activity reports.

It is a very good app and a must needed app for the corporate users. The online dashboard gives you statistics that shows the time spent on websites, apps and activities, Date Range of the monitored activities, Top Categories, Recent Activities, Top Users, Top Sites, Top Apps and Recent Screenshots. This application will really help to enhance the performance of companies and their employees as well. This application works on all versions of Windows.

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