Monitor Folder and Files for Changes with Watch 4 Folder

For all the folders and the sub files inside these, it is very difficult to monitor them and keep a track of any changes that might happen. Sometime it becomes important for us to keep a track of some important folders like monitoring them for any file creation, deletion, file rename or association change. But of you wish to monitor these changes manually it might be next to impossible or very difficult at least.

On the other hand if we have some tool that does the same work for us in an automated way, then it is very helpful to us. With the help of the tool called Watch 4 Folder, we can keep a track of these changes easily and conveniently. Moreover since the tool is free and portable you don’t need to worry about installing and carrying wherever you want.

Using this tool is very simple too, as you just need to select the folder to monitor it for the changes, select what you would like to track, and select the way of getting notified in case of the changes. So after downloading this tool, run it to get the wizard, browse the folder to select it. Next you need to select the events that you wish to monitor on these folders and files. You can select among File and Folder creation, deletion, rename, any media insertion or deletion, and space utilization.

In the third step you can select the actions to act on these triggers that you have just selected. You can select any program to execute as a result of the change or just write the change on to some log file. The tool also allows you to get the pop up window in case of the change. Watch 4 Folder can monitor 15 types of events for you.

So if you feel like this tool is for you, download it from the links provided below.

Download Watch 4 Folder Link 1 Link 2

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