Monitor Internet Usage and Display it on Taskbar

I like monitoring my internet speed and the network bandwidth as it gives me the idea of how the network is responding. The graph (download and upload) that I see when downloading some file through torrent, excites me and thus for the same reason I would like to have something for my internet connection too.

Here is a tool called NetSpeedMonitor, that can do many things apart from displaying the internet download and upload speed on your taskbar. NetSpeedMonitor is a light network monitoring tool that works well on all the Windows OS. You can use this tool to monitor your internet speed for download and upload speed right on your taskbar.

NetSpeedMonitor also records (by default, this can be changed later on though) your network usage on a daily and monthly basis which you can see in a table as shown below. This would surely help you to record your network data usage in case you are running on limited data.

The tool also lets you customize various items like font type and size, bit rate and other things. By default, it shows the data usage in kb but you can easily switch the units according to you like in KBs or MBs. The tool also lets you view the active connections to your internet along with their IP addresses so that you can find out what all devices are using your internet.

This is the right tool for you if you like managing your network connection or like to see the data usage or speed right on your taskbar.

Download NetSpeedMonitor

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  1. Hey there..

    Initially I thought this was a great little tool to have running in my taskbar, but after 6 or 7 hours it would crash, or just disable itself and magically disappear from the taskbar.. I have a Windows 8 OS and installed it using the compatibility options (right click on setup file and install for previous version ‘windows 7’).. This would be a brilliant tool, but it needs to be a bit more stable for Windows 8 users..

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