Monitor, Track and Protect Your Child’s Internet Activity

Each and every parent does not want their kids to get involved in adult or harmful material. Today there are many websites providing adult and harmful stuffs. Even some web addresses are so identical that even if you miss an alphabet, it will lead you to these harmful websites.

Hence monitoring your children is the top most priority of every parent. Verity is an application which may help you to monitor your child and track their activities on internet. By using this application you can easily block those websites providing this harmful stuff. You can track their activities by keystrokes, mouse clicks and screenshots.

Using this software is very easy. While installing this app you have to create an admin account first. Enter your Email address, Password, and click Next to setup your account.

The application can be accessed from Control Panel option or from Verity menu present on the top. When you open Control Panel you will find statistics of Saved activities, Screenshots, Usage Reports and Parental Controls. You can also specify Prohibited Activities, Time Limits, Activity Log Setting and General Settings etc.

We all know that our children our more experts in handling software applications, keeping this in mind, Verity allows you to change your email address and password anytime. It runs in the background so you can continue to use the computer as normal.

Keeping a check on children is a duty of every parent, but as your child grows up, he/she won’t like you to stand besides their shoulder every time. This software will definitely help you a lot to keep a check on your children and it doesn’t need your presence every time. This is a very good app to use and keep track on the children.

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