Monitor your Broadband Usage with Cucusoft Net Guard

In today’s time we remain active most of the time on internet for surfing or various other activities. Therefore we need a broadband connection which is sufficient for our usage. Most ISPs provide unlimited internet plans to the users but to the users who surf light, there are limited usage internet plans too.

The biggest problem here is the monitoring of the data usage so far, for we don’t like to see our usage exceeding the limit and a hefty bill at the month end. However manually tracking the broadband usage is bit difficult as you never know what all processes are there in your computer which is using the internet at the background. Thus we definitely need a broadband monitoring tool for this purpose.

Here is a free yet powerful Broadband Bandwidth and usage monitoring tool called Cucusoft Net Guard. You just need to install the tool, set up the total internet limit and the threshold limit for it to monitor. Say if you have 10GB of internet, then set Total limit as 10 GB while set the threshold limit as 8 GB as this will start displaying a notification when it crosses this limit.

If you open the main program window you will find more options which will help you in understanding your internet usage too. Analyzing the different tabs in the program window will let you know how much data you have used, on which date, what all processes have used the data, and other things. You can also terminate some processes from the app directly which are consuming the data without your consent.

Using this program you can also check your internet speed, and see the net connections that the processes are making on your system. The tool works great on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.

Download Cucusoft Net Guard

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