Monitor your Images on Internet with TinEye

There are whole lot of images available on the internet but some images are copyrighted by someone since those are personal to them. But usually there is no way to protect our images from getting copied and ued by other person without permission.

One may watermark his image but despite this the images can get copied and used by other person. If you wish to protect your images from getting copied or just monitor where your image is being used then you should definitely see this search engine.

TinEye is a search engine that inscribes a digital signature or fineprint to all those images submitted to it, thus can monitor where your images are now being used even with some modification. Even your images uploaded by you are not listed in the searches. But if you are an unregistered user then images will get discarded afte 72 hours.

The service is free to use and you can also make use of the plugins for your browser.

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  1. Thank God we still live in a world where you can get internet privacy, even if it comes at a price. Since we the people have been deemed unworthy to maintain our own internet privacy, what has the world come to?

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