Most Liked Antivirus and Media Player

TS had been running polls for the readers to participate and give their feedback about various things used by them in their daily lives. Polls were run in attempt to know what all the computer users in the world liked based on their experiences.

It has been long enough since I changed the polls but the data gathered reveals the Best Antivirus and the Best Media Player liked by most of our readers. So here are the results:

Best Antivirus

There were 7 candidates for the Best Antivirus poll comprising Kaspersky, NOD32, AVG, Avast, McAfee, Norton and Symantec. The above screenshot reveals that Kaspersky is the most liked Antivirus as it was voted highest (82 out of 248 votes).

Best Media Player

There were 5 choices for the Best Media Player poll that comprised of VLC Media Player, WMP11, Media Player Classic, Winamp and others. Based on the polls, the most liked Media Player was VLC with 92 votes out of 201 votes.

These polls have been removed and new have been added, so let your thoughts coming.

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