Mouse Gestures Add-on for Firefox

If working on your computer has become boring for you then here is some cool gesture controlled Firefox extension that will make working fun and easy again. If you also work more on the internet than the local system, then you will love this one.

This is especially for the Firefox users, here is an extension called FireGestures using which you can perform several actions on your computer with just some simple mouse gestures. Say you want to go back to a page, or reload the web or any other thing, this Firefox add-on would make it fun for you.

Using this extension is also simple as you can customize this too. Basically this add-on is able to perform following type of functions.

You can execute various commands and user scripts with five types of mouse gestures:

Mouse Gestures (Move mouse with holding right-click)

Wheel Gestures (Scroll wheel with holding right-click)

Rocker Gestures (Left-click with holding right-click and vice versa)

Keypress Gestures (Mouse gesture with holding Ctrl / Shift key)

Tab Wheel Gestures (Scrolling wheel on the tab bar)

Suppose you want to open a new window, then you would just use the gesture linked to it like drawing a specific letter, or say you want to minimize the window, either use the mapping specified or create your own.

The mapping tab in the Options, is used to either know what gesture is assigned to a specific action or for creating your own mapping. Some use of the gestures will get you adapted to the use and you will start liking it more.

Download FireGestures

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