Move Firefox Button to other Location in the Browser

There are lot of browsers available like the IE, Firefox and Chrome each having different characteristic and features. So in case you are also a Firefox user just like me and are updated to the Firefox 4.0 version then you might have observed this new orange Firefox button besides the tab list.

This button looks very odd and feels very uncomfortable while working, so in case you are looking for some workaround then here is the firefox extension that will help you. The extension is called “Movable Firefox Button” and as the name suggests, you can make out what this extension would do.

By default, the new orange Firefox button is placed besides the tabs in the tab bar and using this add-on will let you move it some other places in the same browser. What you all need to do is, just install this new plug-in and select the place where you like your button to move to like the Menu bar or the Add-on bar.

You can download and install the Firefox extension from here.

Download Movable Firefox Button

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