Move Windows between Monitors with MonitorSwitch

There are circumstances when we are required to run our applications on the dual monitor system. But sending data from one screen to another can be tiresome or confusing.

Moving Windows is a common task with multi-monitor systems but using this tool called MonitorSwitch can make this process easy and simple for us. Any window can be opened or viewed in the second monitor with the use of this tool.

MonitorSwitch adds two custom buttons in the caption bar of any windows, allowing you to move the window to the next or previous monitor. Not only this, this tool called MonitorSwitch also adds up two arrow buttons beside the minimize button for as to moving the windows in the next or previous slide.

You can also use Hot-Keys CTRL+SHIFT+arrow to move the current window left or right. The tool is free and can be downloaded from the link below.

Download MonitorSwitch

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