Move your Hand over your Android Phone to Mute it

After using iPhone for some time now, I feel Android phones had brought lot if changes to the world of cell phones. Now I personally own a Note 2 phone which has lots and lots of new features. One of the cool features it has is the Mute phone with your hands in which I just have to swipe/move my hand over the screen once to mute any sound coming out of the phone whether it is the ringtone, music or the alarm.

These days all the latest phones have these features but what about if you don’t have a new phone? Nothing, here is a cool app for you that will introduce the same feature into your phone too.


This app is called easyMute and does the same function. After installing and enabling the app, you can mute your phone by just moving your hand over the phone’s screen even if the display is turned Off. By default this app reduces the volume of the tone so that you can hear someone who is near you but you can customize this setting so that it mutes the phone when you move your hand over it.


What I liked about this app is that, it works even when the display is at rest and thus you don’t need to unlock the phone first. This app works great for most Android phones but when they are placed at some level surface (this setting can also be configured in the app settings).

The app makes use of the proximity sensor present in the phone to detect your hand movement, so in case your phone does not have a proximity sensor then it won’t be able to help. The app is free to use but supports phone with Android versions 2.1 (Froyo) and above.

You can try the app for yourself from the location below.

Download easyMute

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