MoviePile: Useful Movie Manager, Movie Player with Tagmark and GIF creation Support

When it comes to managing and storing the movies in our computers, most people still use the simple way of creating a folder and saving them in the hard drives. While it seem simple but it surely don’t provide any new capabilities to it. When you decide to watch a movie, you navigate to the folder and search your movie there. Movie manager is always a great choice for someone who likes to organize movies in their computers.

Well here is one such movie manager that you will love. It is called as MoviePile and the biggest advantage of it is that it is created using Java as the platform thus it can work cross platforms so whether you have Windows, Mac or Linux, you can use this tool.


MoviePile is one simple movie manager that you can use to manage your movies library easily. It not only shows you the thumbnails of the movies but also provide with lot many options that you can use. MoviePile also shows some screenshots from the same movie in one thumbnail so that you are able to recall and see the preview instantly.


The feature that I liked the most about MoviePile is the Tagmarks. Using Tagmarks you can tag any section on the movie and play it anytime with just a single click. This feature will help in the times when you wish to see your favorite scene of the movie without having to navigate for it.

Other features of the tool include, creating a playlist of your favorite clips, capturing screenshots of the movie, renaming, deleting or moving the video. MoviePile is not only a movie manager but also has an in built video player which you can use to play your movies right there without having to open another movie player. And you know what, the movie player also supports wide range of codecs.

There is one more feature which we have not talked about yet. You can use the tool to create any section of the movie into a GIF image. Well what else would you want from one simple movie manager?

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