Must have Security extension for Google Chrome

Internet is the one big world that is full of all kinds of users, some like surfing while others pose security threats to all. Whether you use Mozilla Firefox, IE or Chrome, malicious attacks can happen on any browser you use. While, today, most of the browsers come with additional security feature like anti-phishing but it is still advisable to have some add-on security for the browser we use.

Today, am sharing an extension for the browser Chrome that every Chrome user must have in the browser installed. Would it be great if the browser lets us know, right before visiting any web page about its security? This is what this extension does.

The extension is called Safety – LinkExtend, comes free to the Chrome users. What this extension does is, it checks the web page you are visiting for security even before you have opened it with the following 7 famous services:

•    Web of Trust
•    McAfee SiteAdvisor
•    Web Security Guard
•    Browser Defender
•    Norton Safe Web
•    Compete
•    Google Safe Browsing

An all-in-one chrome extension that checks with the above listed security sites at the same time so that you don’t need to install extensions for each of them. If any webpage that is unsafe for visiting, will be listed “unsafe” by the services detecting it.

If you are unsure of the web pages that you visit every day, then this extension is surely for you.

Download Safety – LinkExtend

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