Mute Mic Lets you Mute Microphone on your Android Device

These days our smartphones are very powerful and feature packed that it has got lot many features. The phone is not just a phone, rather it’s a device using which we can also capture moments as photos or videos, record sounds, use webcam and other things. While our phones have got a toggle switch to turn off the sound it has nothing of that sort related to the microphone on the phone.

One would say, why would someone need to turn off the mic on the phone other than the calls for which we have already got that functionality in the phone dialer. Well, there are times when you would like to disable the phone mic so that no sound gets recorded like say you are recording some video using the camera and don’t want to record any sound, you have not got anything to mute the mic in that case.


Also, our smartphones are so sensitive that they can also record odd sounds like someone pressing the buttons, or may be the static sounds, in that case you might need something to mute the mic. In any case, if you feel the need of the mic and are using the Android phone then here is a tried and tested app called as Mute Mic that works great to mute the phone microphone.


Mute Mic is very simple app designed solely to mute the phone mic with a toggle button. All you need to do is just launch the app, and press the mic button to turn on/off the mic. Had there been a toggle button right on the phone screen then it would have been better, but this app is still worth a try.

Using this app, you can mute or turn off the mic on your phone anytime, like in a call, while recording a video or even using skype, even if the apps doesn’t have any option to mute otherwise. If you liked the app, then you can get it from the link below.

Download Mute Mic

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