Mute all Sounds from Firefox Instantly with Muter

While surfing the internet we come across many websites each having different type of content. We also like listening to audio and video on internet but it happen sometimes that there are some flash ads or other unwanted content on a page that produces sound which feels very irritating.

For example, I was viewing a webpage yesterday and it was this emoticons ad that produces different type of sounds which started coming out of my laptop speakers. This was very irritating to me and I had no option but to mute the speakers of the laptop but this resulted in the problem that I can’t no longer listen to songs and make audio calls while still on mute.

A simple solution to this problem, if you are using Firefox browser, is to use an extension called Muter. This is a simple Firefox add-on that adds a single speaker icon to the Firefox status bar, clicking on which mutes/unmutes the Firefox browser. The biggest advantage being that, only the Firefox browser will be muted and you can still continue to listen to songs and do other things.

By default the icon is of the green color which means that the sound is enabled, a simple click turns it black thereby disabling the sounds. You can also use the hotkey combination of Ctrl+Alt+M in case you don’t wish to use the icon. Moreover you can also configure the settings in the add-on preferences window.

It might be interesting to note here that if you don’t select the option of “muting Firefox on restart” then the browser will start producing sounds after a restart. You should use the option to mute the browser after a restart if you don’t want to click the icon again and again. This is a good extension that can help you stop the unwanted sounds coming out of the browser.

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