My simple surface: online Virtual White Board Utility

Do you like organizing your tasks, thoughts, ideas etc? To-Do lists and Task Management applications makes you bored? Does To-Do lists and Task Management applications fetching you any results in enhancing your productivity? Then we have got something amazing for you, on which you can perfectly list your thoughts.

Actually it happens a lot of times that many things come into our minds while working and we would like to write it for which we may need a wide white board. My simple surface is a virtual online white board on which you can manage your thoughts and ideas easily. Not only your thoughts and ideas, you can list down anything you like. It is just like that white board as it is in our schools, colleges or offices.

Even school students can also use it for making their notes of lengthy chapters. My simple surface is fast and specially designed to manage lots of things at one place in a semi-structured environment. While using this service you can create as many surfaces as you require and can merge those afterwards according to your convenience.

Now you might be thinking that why you need to use this service when Task lists, Sticky notes, Project management software etc. are available for your system? These software and applications are definitely good but doesn’t provide you much space and sometimes are slow and makes it cumbersome to use. This online service (My simple surface) is fast and provides you a lot of space and even allows you to share your works directly with your team members for viewing and editing. Moreover, since this is a virtual online service you can access it anywhere.

When you will visit the link given below, you will get to see the same screenshot as shown above. On the right side of this webpage you will see that the instructions for usage of this service are properly mentioned. This service is easy to use and this service provides you assistance whenever required. I myself used this service and found it good to use. You can drop your feedback after using this service below.

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