MyScript Calculator: Free Handwriting Calculator for Android

Although every device today have an in built calculator whether it is your phone or your computer. These calculators are also designed very easy and simple to use and mostly like the physical calculator but what if you got some arithmetic calculation of your school? You will have to key in that to the calculator, isn’t it? Well today we are sharing one easy handwriting calculator so that you can just write your mathematical problem on it and it will give you the result instantly.

If you are an Android phone user then we have got an application called as MyScript Calculator. This is a simple yet powerful handwriting (or rather hand recognition) calculator that can easily detect your handwritten expression and solve it to give the result. With this you wont feel like you are using a calculator for this purpose, it will be similar to writing on a paper minus the disadvantages of making mistakes etc.


The app detects the symbols and characters used quite well and calculate the results instantly to display on the screen. You can use this app on any Android device whether it is your phone or your tablet and since phone is very handy, this app will prove very useful to you.


You can either use your finger on the phone/tablet to write in the expression or may be a stylus to input the data. The app is powerful enough to recognize and calculate the result of square roots, exponentials, brackets, trigonometry, logarithms and constants etc. Correcting an expression is fairly simple too, you just need to use the corrective gesture on the screen and the character will be deleted.

All in all it is a useful yet fun app that can help many individuals especially those who work with mathematical problems regularly. Do watch the video above how beautifully this app works.

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