Narrate Text to Speech with Orato

If you have always wanted to listen to your text rather than just read it, then you can do this very easily. Here is a tool that can read out your text into audio speech for the users to listen to it.

The tool is called Orato which is a straight forward text to speech application, making it easy for you to narrate all the text present. The text to be read is carried through the clipboard that means for a text to be narrated as a voice, you just need to provide it in a clipboard.

Whenever a text is added to the clipboard, user gets an option to either customize the tool to read the text automatically or on demand. Other options will display the text if required, with highlighting of the word or sentence being spoken.

Orato is quite small in size and can be run either in the system or in the removable drives to make the tool portable to use.

Download Orato

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