NetLimiter 3: Internet Monitor tool

NetLimiter is a free and simple internet monitoring tool that can be used to monitor and restrict the internet usage of the programs running in our system. We have mentioned about it earlier which you can read it from here.

There are some services that run in the background and access the internet which consumes our bandwidth, so if you want to find out what services or processes in your system are connecting to the internet then this tool can help.

With NetLimiter you can, not only find out the processes connecting to the internet but also restrict their usage to some extent. NetLimiter 3 has been released which is the latest version available as of now. The tool is available in Pro, Lite and Monitor variants which you can download from the location below.

Download NetLimiter 3

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  1. The free version is available for download but for the Pro version, you need to purchase 🙂

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