Never Store Passwords in Email

Most of us have this practice of keeping their passwords of various accounts in email as it is lot handy and easily accessible at all places. While the practice is easy, it is very risky too. To discourage the use of this practice, I thought of sharing the info in the Tip of the Week section.

As most people think, storing the passwords to many accounts like other email IDs, bank accounts or other personal details like PIN number of credit/debit card etc. in email is safe and easy. On the contrary, the practice is very risky and should be discouraged immediately.

The biggest risk in this practice is that if somebody comes to know your account passwords or in simple words hacks into your email account then it would be very simple for him to hack your other online accounts as well. Now the person doing this may not be good enough to not to do anything mischievous with your other accounts.

Thus in my opinion, nobody should use this practice and if you are also following the same then TS advises you to discourage the same.

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