New Face-Lift for Google+

It would not be wrong to say that the biggest competitor for Facebook today is Google+. Google+ is trying to enhance its user interface to get more users. Recently, Google+ profile pages got a face-lift which has garnered accolades from critics. The new profile page is somewhat similar to that of Facebook but in my view it is somehow better than it.

The newly designed page has each and every object at the right place which makes it even more perfect. The new services added to this new look comprises of Hangout, photos, online friends etc. which are integrated on the profile page. Move the cursor on each option and it will display the respective options on the screen.

The new changes have been briefly mentioned below for your better understanding:

Home: just like Facebook this option will take you to the homepage of your profile where you can view the latest updates.

Profile: Profile option take user to his Profile Page which got face-lifted with new and better design. Just like the Facebook timeline option you can add a cover image along with your profile picture in Google+ also.

Left Navigation Side Bar: All the navigation buttons are moved at the left which displays Home, Explorer, Profile, Hangout, Photos, etc. User can adjust any option at any position but Home will remain at top position.

Explorer: this option will take you to another window where you can see the latest stuff such as Photos, Videos, etc on Google+.

Gear Icon: this option will help you to manage the settings of your account; this option is available in the left side bar.

The new Google+ landing page also includes a “Trending on Google+” panel, which mimics the popular Twitter feature. As some users complained about the white space left at the right hand side of the screen, Google says all users will have the new layout within “the next few days”. Use it yourself and let us know how you feel after using this new interface.

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