New on Facebook: Scheduled Updates and Admin Roles

New features have been added to Facebook Pages, its service for businesses, brands, organizations and more which are going to boost page admins, and will allow manage and organize their time and duties. The page administrators can now assign different roles and permissions using the “Admin Roles” option.

When particular roles and permission are assigned to a particular admin, then admins will have access only to what they need to see and change. There are 5 different levels and only the manager has the powers to assign admin roles to other levels. A simple model of the permission that each level can get is given below.

By assigning roles, it can be said that the manager is delegating the work to other administrators which will help in smooth functioning of the page or ad etc.

The other new feature that has been added is scheduling the updates. Till now this feature was available in Twitter but now you can schedule your posts up to 6 months in advance. You can even update your page in an interval of 15 minutes. To schedule a post you have to click the clock icon and choose when you want the update to be published.

Though this feature was available in the past but it can be used with third party access only. It was really a much needed addition to Facebook’s interface. Both of these features will make the advertising process and administration of pages much easy. You can also get a full description of these features by visiting the link below.

Admin roles

Scheduled posts

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