NexusImage: Simple and Light Image Viewer for Windows

Windows has the default Picture and Fax Viewer to view the images but it is a plain image viewer with no extra features. So here is a light yet interesting Image Viewer that can do much more tasks for you.

The image viewer is called NexusImage which despite being a freeware possess many useful features that you would want to use. This simple and light Image Viewer for Windows have following interesting features:

•    Caption: For adding caption to images
•    Smoothing Mode: to smooth out the edges in the pic (useful for editing the images)
•    Exif Information: View Exif details of the images right in the tool, no need to right click and see the image properties.
•    Portable: yes the image viewer is portable and can be used from the USB drive as well
•    Light and simple: easy to use
•    Multi language support

The above interesting features make this image viewer primary choice if you miss them in the default Windows Picture and Fax Viewer

Download NexusImage

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