Norton Safe Web for Facebook: Scan Links in News Feed

If you like publicizing your links in Facebook or come across links that you want to visit but don’t know about its security, then this post will help you in making your Facebook session secure. Whether the link is known to you or is hidden behind the shortened URL, you can get to know about its genuineness easily.

With the help of a Facebook app (not developed by Facebook team though) called Norton Safe Web, you can check all the links shared by you or in your news feed for their genuineness. The Norton Safe Web for Facebook application scans your news feeds and identifies URLs containing security risks such as phishing sites, malicious downloads and links to unsafe external sites.

The app will help you in finding if the link is safe for you to use or for your friend to click. In case you don’t know about Norton Safe Web, it is a service that rates websites for security risks based on their analysis. The app not only scans the longer links but also scans the shortened links.

The app did appeal to me and seemed a good share but this also some limitations. This app only scans the links shared in your news feed in the last 24 hours. It also publishes on your wall, the scan results each time the scan is done. So if these are fine to you, you can go ahead and try this app.

Use Norton Safe Web for Facebook

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