Not Able to Transfer Files with Gtalk

Gtalk is a great IM from Google used by almost every one of us today. But since it is quite popular, it is also packed with several problems. One such is of file transfer.

It must be known to you that to use file transfer capability of Gtalk completely and successfully, both the IM clients need to be Gtalk. Thus whenever some one tries to send a file to another buddy on Gtalk and is unable to send it then it is sure that one of them is using chat from Gmail and not from Gtalk.

But the reason why I am writing this post is that there are times when we come across a problem that in spite of using both the Gtalk clients, we are unable to send a file. It happens that when we drag and drop a file to be shared, there shows a black circle stopping us to transfer the file.

Solution to the problem:

The cause of this problem is temporary and can happen due to mismatch of the versions of the Gtalk. So to enable the file sharing again, the receiving friend just needs to re-login into the Gtalk. The file transfer will start again but yes only if both are Gtalk clients.

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