Now See Weather conditions in Google Maps

Google Map is one of the popularly used services of Google that come handy when you have to either see some place on the globe or find directions to some place. Not only this, you can also see some place very closely from above.

Recently Google have introduced a new feature in the Google Maps which is the Weather feature. This weather feature in the Google Maps let you know the current temperature and weather conditions around the globe which will surely help you plan your trips and visits to the new place better.

To be able to use the weather feature of Google Maps, what you need to do is just hover your mouse over the transit box on top right, which will open the list of options for you. Now select the Weather option from there and when you zoom out a bit, you shall be able to see the weather conditions easily as shown below.

Now Google Map becomes more useful and interesting to use, isn’t it? By the way, how is the weather at your place? 🙂

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