Official 9GAG App Available for Android Users

When it comes to killing time I always head to Facebook as I can get to know what’s going with my friends, view some comic images and also view funny videos shared by my friends. The troll images and other images like rage images, mostly come from one hive known as which is a famous funny image sharing website.

Well most users are already aware of it, and if you are someone who likes reading the funny pictures, then, now, you don’t even need to open Facebook for that. 9GAG has officially launched their app for iOS and Android users so that users can directly log into the app, and see the world full of funny pictures to kill time.


The app is very simple and easy to use, as you just need to log in into it and start viewing the images right away. The simplicity of the app, is what is liked by many people. The app has all kinds of images in its repository ranging from Rage comics, memes, fail image, cute pets video to demotivational pictures and other funny troll images.


There are categories of the images too in which they are sectioned, like Hot, Trending and others. You also have the option to either upvote the image, downvote the image, share on Facebook or other social media with your profile (for this you will need the official apps on your phone too).


The images are shown in half screen which can be rotated, zoomed too. If you find any image pixilated, then the developer advises to clear the cache and check again. There is one thing that this app is missing as of now, which is the ability to upload your own images.

Seeing the reviews of the users, I would advise you to use this app only when you have lot and lot of time as you would definitely find yourself glued to it which can kill your hours too Lol.

Download 9GAG for Android

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