Online Free Zip and Unzip Tools

You need to send a zipped archive to a friend and you just saw that your PC doesn’t have WinZip or Win Rar installed. Don’t get into trouble of installing the zipping software, just use the free online sites that can compress and decompress the files for you.

Following is the list of sites that can provide you with secure and free online compression utility for all your files. Some of them will also let you send the zipped files over the E-mail.

List of Online compression and decompression tools:

1.    FileStomp

FileStomp is a great site that lets us zip our files without the need of external software. Its big advantage is that there is no limit on the file size.

2.    Nippy Zip

Another great site to compress and send the files via email, the only thing being the size limit of 5024 Kb per file.

3.    WobZip

Wob Zip is a cool site that can uncompress your file on the go. Try it yourself!

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