Online IM Sites to Access Blocked Gtalk, Yahoo Messenger at Work

Lot of people around the globe are troubled by this thing that Instant Messenger sites like Gtalk, Yahoo Messenger, Aim, MSN etc are blocked at their office, school, college or at other places.

We have written about it earlier but not everybody seems to be satisfied with the solution. So here is a list of some online sites that allows you to access these social Instant messenger chat applications without the need to download and install the application.

The advantage of using these online sites is that along with being convenient it offers privacy and not all the office people know these sites which means very less chances of these being blocked.

List of online sites:

•    Meebo

The only disadvantage with Meebo is that since it has become largely popular, office people have started blocking it as well but worth a try.

•    eBuddy

Lets you sign in all of those chats with option being invisible.

•    Kool IM

Another great site to chat.

•    ILoveIM

Works great too.

You can also list the sites you use to access blocked Gtalk, Yahoo Messenger etc in your office below in the comments.

5 Replies to “Online IM Sites to Access Blocked Gtalk, Yahoo Messenger at Work”

  1. meebo, kool im, e buddy, iloveim, all these websites are blocked at my work place.
    suggest other websites or ways to access gtalk and facebook……

  2. all of the above are also blocked on mine… what could I do in this case? and it is not blocked by a firewall, it is blocked from the server itself… Burning to know how 😀

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